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Technique building

  • Progressive approach starting in a low-consequence setting
  • Allow students to focus on body position, timing, and execution of fundamental and dynamic skills
  • Methodically add the next level of complexity for each skill


bike inspection

  • Bike safety check
  • Quick fit analysis
  • Suggestions or help making adjustments if needed for a fun and safe progression session

personalized feedback

    • Direct feedback helps you achieve your personal progression goals
    • Many things can be learned by watching tutorial videos or reading books but getting specific critiques to move you forward is only possible by having a highly experienced coach, like Angi, in-person.
    • Use of video and photo analysis will enhance the personalized feedback


    Trail Time

    • Practical application to test out and hone your new skills
    • Is there a trail in your area that you want to ride with more flow, confidence, speed, and fun?
    • We can likely tailor the lesson for a trail of your choice

    Lots of high fives

    • We get just as stoked as our students when something clicks
    • We don't hold back celebrating your successes. Cheesy? Maybe
    • We like cheese.



    • Learning can be an arduous process and it requires practice and patience
    • We can cover a lot of information in our sessions so we provide students with a post-clinic outline
    • You may end up with homework assignments to help you keep your skills sharp and progressing


    Free Support

    • For up to 30 days after the clinic you can call or email us if you have any questions about what you’ve learned or if you need any other advice
    • We are here to help so don't hesitate to reach out