Radical Rippers

Bellingham’s premier mountain biking development team for junior girls

The Radical Rippers Development Team exists to give young riders around Bellingham, WA opportunities to hone their skills on their mountain bikes with professional female coaches. The team of phenomenal coaches, led by Angi Weston, include local shredders Stephanie Ignell, Emily Sabelhaus, Emily Ford, Claire Ralston, and Molly Mehan. Our student to coach ratio is rarely over 3:1 giving our team members lots of individual attention and great care. Practice sessions include lessons in cornering, wheel lifts, jumping, climbing, etc. Riders will also have the chance to practice these skills on group rides led by our incredible team of coaches. This series is open to riders who have a desire to grow their skills and are already able to ride down “blue” rated trails like Mullet and Atomic Dog without getting off their bikes. Students in this series will also have the opportunity to be mentors to a group in our Flying Squirrels Girls Ride Club. Registration for Fall quarter is open now and registration for Spring will begin in March.

The mission of the Radical Rippers is to build strong female mountain bikers in our area by giving youth a space to meet other girls who ride, work on their skills, gain fitness, and develop camaraderie in a team environment.

Fall Intermediate/Advanced Training Series will meet Wednesdays, 4:15-6:15 (September 18th - October 30th)

To learn more about where this program started and what we are up to follow Flying Squirrels on Instagram: @flying_squirrels_mtb

The Radical Rippers Development Team is generously sponsored by    Transition Bikes

The Radical Rippers Development Team is generously sponsored by Transition Bikes


What is included:

  • 7 x 2 hour practice sessions with professional, certified coaches for skill building and trail riding

  • Low student to coach ratios (usually less than 4:1)

  • Opportunities for girls to become mentors for the Flying Squirrels riding club

  • Occasional course pre-rides for local DH & Enduro races

  • Season finale family BBQ


What do parents say about Radical Rippers?

Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and dedication to this group of girls. I’ve seen a huge improvement this year, more than others, in my daughter’s riding skills. She looks up to you a ton, which is nice to have some rad female riders for her to have as role models. You are absolutely the best for our daughter, thank you!
— Beth
Thanks for doing this Angi, Kari, and all the volunteers. My daughter has had a blast riding with these girls.
— Shawn
We have such gratitude for all of your mentoring, skill lessons and this community.
— Laurie
The first time I met Angi I’m pretty sure she was doing cartwheels across the room - or maybe it was a wheelie? Or was she singing? Regardless, this gal puts a level of enthusiasm into her coaching that is contagious. Angi’s blend of energy and knowledge is hard to find anywhere else. I’ve had the opportunity to both watch Angi coach and be a student in one of her downhill clinics. From both sides of the trail, I’ve always been impressed
— Hannah Levine, Captain of Global Development, Ninja Mountain Bike Performance
Kari and Angi, I can’t thank you and your team enough for all you do to support these girls!
— Meri Kate