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Sturdy Dirty Enduro Race Prep Series #1

  • Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park Southeast Issaquah-Fall City Road Issaquah, WA United States (map)

Spring Kick-off session with Angi Weston & Kat Sweet at Duthie Hill $150/person

In this first installment of our "Sturdy Dirty Enduro Prep Series" we will progress students through the fundamental skills of mountain biking. Fundamental skills include; progressions in braking (which actually makes you faster!), wheel lifts & lunges, slow speed skills, tight turning, track stands/balancing, and bailing. If you are new to mountain biking and/or mountain bike instruction this is a great place to start. If you are an intermediate - advanced rider/racer you will benefit from this course too because it serves as a refresher and confidence builder which is a great way to start the season. The more practice you have at nailing your fundamental skills the more muscle memory you build around proper technique and the lower your risks of making errors when you are pinned in your race runs. With so much material to cover and so many interactive activities to help you practice, this four hour session will go by quickly and you definitely won't get bored.