Angi is the shred zen master! She is always the first person that comes to mind when a fellow rider asks for a recommendation for a local coach. Angi’s ability to break stuff down in a clear manner makes progression happen seamlessly. She has a really fun but professional approach to coaching.
— Amanda Bryan (Bellingham, WA)

There are few people out there who bring the same level of energy, enthusiasm and straight up SKILLZ that Angi brings to the trails. Angi is a top notch rider and skills coach and simply put, she gets it. She gets how to explain things in a way that make sense, she gets how to make it fun and not intimidating and she gets how to provide feedback in a way that is constructive and immensely helpful. Whether you are brand new to the sport of mountain biking or an experience rider looking to take it up to another level, Angi has what it takes to get you there.
— Hannah Levine, Captain of Global Development, Ninja Mountain Bike Performance
My background is education, and in my current work, I spend a lot of time with teachers and trainers. The best teachers are people who have a real passion for their field or discipline that they pass on to their students. It’s apparent in Angi’s coaching style that she not only loves to ride mountain bikes and be outdoors, she adores helping her students progress. Her enthusiasm is contagious and fun. She has the ability as a teacher to describe the same point several different ways with the right blend of encouragement and instruction. Angi’s a gifted teacher who can recognize a teachable moment with a student and push them gently toward real progression as a mountain biker.
— Alyson Indrunas (Bellingham, WA)

Angi is hands-down guaranteed to provide incredible results and give her students an amazing experience to boot. From enduro and freeride to absolute-beginners and dirt jumping, we’re hailing Angi as the most diversely experienced and top notch coach in the country.
— Ash Bocast (Roam Events)
Angi is a knowledgeable and experienced mountain bike skills coach that has a coaching style that resonates with beginners and shredders all the same. Not to mention her bike mechanical prowess, making her a top choice of coach to have on hand for all SRAM Women’s Program events and clinics.
— Sara Jarrell SRAM Women’s Program Coordinator

Working with Angi for the first time was a real eye opening experience because she made learning easy and fun. I went from being terrified of getting airborne to hitting small drops and jumps - all in a weekend. It’s been great having her as a coach over the course of a few years because I’ve gotten to grow so much as a rider with every session. Angi’s ability to break things down and explain them in detail while isolating each piece of the puzzle in her demonstrations is like pausing a video, making it so much easier for students of all levels to digest and understand. Plus her positive attitude and cheerleader-energy keeps student’s spirits up while they are trying new things.
— Carolyn Baldwin (fellow coach, Atlanta, GA)

I had the privilege of being coached by Angi at my first Ladies AllRide camp and then, a year later, I had the privilege of being her assistant at the same camp. As a rider, she has helped me to refine and better execute my skills and then helped me step up to the next level. As a new coach, she provided a great example of how to teach and how to interact with students. I love her communication style and demeanor. She explains skills in a manner which make them easy to understand (which means a better chance at executing them properly!) and provides great positive encouragement as students progress through learning attempts. I highly recommend Angi as a coach, whether you are a new or experienced rider.
— Natalie Lew (Head Coach and Team Director Southern Wake Trail Hawks)

If you ever get the opportunity to learn from Angi Weston, take it! I mountain biked for over 20 years before taking a lesson and I was lucky to have Angi as my first coach. She taught me the skills to have more fun on my bike and instilled in me the confidence to start my own journey as a coach. I continue to grow as a rider and coach by taking lessons with Angi whenever possible. Thank you Angi!
— Shanta Harsa (fellow coach, Cleveland, OH)